Monday 19 December 2011

Its arrived

Finally after ferry delays and Lorry trouble Teal finally made it to Oldcourt and is now sitting on a forklift waiting for some space to be made.
We started by wedging the car full of all the bits and pieces we could get into it but we'll need another trip to get the rest of it put away.

                    Never saw a boat moved like that before

                  Ken gets to see what I spent his money on :D

We're going to start by removing the rest of the interior, the sea toilet and the cockpit to make room for
repairing the frames, She has sawn frames with two steamed frames between each of them, a few of the sawn ones need work, two due to rot where the cockpit supports attach below the companionway and a few others have splits, four of the steamed frames in either rear quarter have doublers and we'll probably remove all of them and replace , I'm sure there will be more on closer inspection.
The ballast keel will probably be the first thing to come off, The keelbolts are new by the looks of them but they only go through the wooden keel and that is then separately bolted through the iron floors, The bolts through the floors are a complete unknown and probably 98 years old. Without them the ballast would essentially be hanging from the garboards so we're going to go to the effort now for the sake of it.
Wonder what we'll find in the process ?????????????????????????????????????

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