Saturday 21 April 2012


Took down 4 frames and 3 doublers to do the final shaping on them today,
I got the frames pretty good and 2 of the doublers finished but couldn't go
any further, sore hands, sore shoulders and no lunch forced me home.
The process at the moment is
: cut out the old frames
: clear the paint and stopping from over the fastenings
: drive out the remainder of each fastening
: find and cut out frame replacement
: take them to the boat and shape them with the spokeshaves
: bring them home, finish the inner edge, finish sides with smoothing plane and
: ream out fastening holes and plug
: clean off plugs and glue, sand and paint the bare wood inside and out
: bolt in new doublers and futtocks, drill and fit with a few fastenings for the time

We will get there eventually. In fact the few frames I have done are the
most difficult and shapely of the lot.

Frame rotted through around the bolt, Pitch pine planking unharmed

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