Wednesday 23 May 2012

My current plan

I went to another forge on Tuesday and the new floors are now reordered.
They are going to punch the holes and get the galvanising done for us so
as soon as they are ready, they are in fact ready to go straight to the boat.
I was thinking about how much easier it is to shape the frames without the
keel on the boat as I can just let them pass down as I shape them, so I think
I'll  keep the keel at home until the sawn frames are all done.
Once I get the new floors, two of them can go straight in and four more
frames can come out. The remaining frames, apart from 2 of them have
very little curve so hopefully won't take too long.
In the mean time I need to source a crook for the stern knee and get the
galvanised bar to make the long deadwood bolts.

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