Saturday 22 September 2012

It wasn't ok

My Tealasaurus

Ok so I could probably have found something more worthwhile to do
with my time but I needed to get this stuff out of my workshop anyway
and I had wanted to lay it all out with a while.
Its funny I thought that all this stuff was ok when I bought the boat and
I'm a carpenter, and used to working on boats. I guess its a good lesson
on surveying a wooden boat in future and as a rule of thumb I now know
if its a hundred years old and hasn't been rebuild or had regular work done
then IT NEEDS extensive work.
Those rotten rusty bolts in your bilge are not best "left alone". Change them.

The ballast is going back on in the coming week so I had the keel bolts
retreaded and last two frames are cut ready for fitting. I am short two smaller
diameter keel bolts but I will fit them when the boat is nearly complete as I'll
have to have it lifted over head to bore the keel for them. We simply didn't
have the bit to suit when drilling for the others.

At 32mm diameter they are substantial bolts. The remainder are 26mm

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