Wednesday 6 March 2013

Beam shelf & deck beams

I waited until today to write a post when I had some photos but even after I had new batteries
for my camera delivered to the boat yard I still forgot to take any.
We did a few days work since the last post, Ken has plugged all the excess rivet holes which
where left by all the doublers.
I finished fairing off the stem and then removed two of the forward deck beams and a section
of beam shelf about 4ft long which had two bursts on the inside, I replaced the section with
a piece of Iroko planed to shape from a heavier piece and then steamed and clamped it in the
rest of the way. We also removed the two rotten lodging knees and the backing blocks to the
chainplates which will all be renewed for peace of mind.
Today I glued and bolted up the scarfs in the beam shelf  and gave the deck beams a rub of the
plane and a good sanding to strip them of paint as we hope to varnish them, I then re dovetailed
them into the new beam shelf section and left them in place to be bolted the next day.
I also mortised the samson post into the new apron and bedded it in putty and picked up three
more lengths of Iroko to finish the planking once and for all.

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