Saturday 15 June 2013

More bits

Planed off the window blanks, sealed the join with a little epoxy. Just needs a light sanding and I think the varnish will disguise it pretty well. I also need to route out a rebate for the glass and then fit the bronze bessel.

Painted the rest of the ribs and put in some temporary floor boards for climbing in and out. Less tripping over stuff

It took more than a coat of paint.

Deck beams all primed and the front two varnished. I'm looking forward to lying in the forepeak berth with a lamp lit looking up at the old varnished oak against the new white painted deck boards.


  1. Hi Adrian,
    Looks like you're doing a great job there.
    I live outside Durrus on the Sheep's Head, and have a wooden boat in Rossbrin.
    Trying to get old girl back in the water, but have the usual (for West Cork) frustrations of having to send to the UK for even the most trivial items.
    So I was wondering where you get your wood/timber?

  2. Hi,
    I'm getting there thank God. What kind of boat are you restoring ?
    To answer your question I would have to say all over the place.
    My biggest problem was the keel timber as it was such a large piece and needed to
    be clean and free of pith, For that Pat Sheehan sawmills in Tipperary came to the
    rescue and it was a beautiful piece as he had promised.
    I guess the main thing you may require might be curved Oak etc. For this I went to
    Donal Leary outside Ballingeary, If he has stuff lying around he is very very reasonable. If its not lying around you may have quite a wait.
    The ribs I got from Btswales but when I was short I went to Ted O Driscolls Joinery in Skibbereen for seasoned oak and I also got my Iroko there for my planking.
    If I had chosen to go with larch or pitch pine I would have just asked Liam Hegarty to point me in the right direction.
    Another saving grace is that yards like Hegartys generally seem to have a way of doing things as they have done for years without going to the UK for the answer.
    But when you do have to I will highly recommmend Seaware, and Btswales.
    I can send you contact details if you wish. Just send me your email address as I don't want to post there contact info on here.

  3. Hi Adrian,
    My boat isn't all that old, just 1960.
    She's a Purbrook Rossiter Heron.
    So far she's had new keel bolts, new stern deck with a couple of half-beams, some doublers put in where some timbers had cracked (a long time ago but felt it should have doublers) the centre plate removed as it wasn't doing anything useful in sailing terms (which means no plate case), some new floors especially across where the plate case used to be, an engine change with re-constructed cockpit.
    She still needs the accommodation re-building, a couple of planks re-fastening at the stern post, and general caulking etc.

    She's Mahogany on oak, with Mahogany cockpit and cabin, and where getting Oak has been difficult enough, getting Mahogany is impossible.
    Thanks for that info, Will make contact with those guys.
    I once asked Liam Hegarty where he got his copper nails and roves, and he said "England" which depressed me a bit.

    I've used Seaware quite a bit as my son is a wooden boatbuilder in Gweek and has a trade account with them.
    Never tried Btswales though.

    Guess you've got Teal in Hegarty's?

    Don't want to publish my email on here, but if you could go to:
    and send me a message, we can take it from there.

    All the best,


  4. Yes Teal is in Hegartys, Union Chandlery do have copper rivets but it works out cheaper to get them from Wales. Btswales are timber suppliers but they happen to sell copper nails and roves and are also the cheapest I find. Mahogany sounds tricky just because there are so many varieties.
    I will send you on some numbers. Not sure if they will be any help with mahogany though.