Wednesday 4 December 2013

Mast & Spars

Earlier in the year I took all the spars out of the big shed, washed them and put them in my workshop
for varnishing. That never happened and they got covered in dust again so today I took them back out, washed them again and set them up back in the big shed where I can at least get them ready for varnishing.
The mast is finished so I've hung it up out of the way for the winter, the few fittings it needs can be fitted 
where it is.

This is the reefing gear on the boom, I believe Teal was the first small boat to have this system which Percy Woodcock had made especially, The first one he received was made of brass but was not up to the job so they made him another in bronze. I can Only assume that this is it. Unfortunately I don't have the handle so I will have to make one.

Teals winches, I won't be using these, So if there are of use to someone make me an offer, To fit 125mm mast

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