Wednesday 23 July 2014

Schull to Crookhaven

Once we had dealt ( We, I should say I, as Ken stayed happily in his bunk while I went out in the rain to sort things out ) The rest of the night was pretty comfortable, The wind was strong from the South during the night which left us a bit open at anchor in Schull so we were rolling around a little but not badly.
The morning was lovely, so after going ashore and grabbing some stuff for breakfast we got off to a very leisurely 1pm start.
Of course that meant we had missed most of the favourable tide but the wind was SW which let us make it to the west end of Cape Clear and all the way to Crookhaven on the other tack. It was a much nicer day and a nice break from the previous day.
Crookhaven is a beautiful inlet tucked in just this side of the Mizen Head and one which I have wanted to sail to with ages. The pier is tidal but there is loads of room to anchor so you can keep your anchor watch from one of the pubs.
I could easily spent a couple of days there to fit in a walk to Mizen head, Barley Cove and maybe Goleen, Goleen has a small harbour and a very pretty hidden inner harbour but I'm not sure if its suitable for Teal's draft.

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