Thursday 23 July 2015

Glandore 2015

We headed down as planned on Sunday for the parade of sail. Sunday was a beautiful day for it and we had a great day out followed by enough Guinness to skip rowing back to the boat and opting to sleep it off in Kens campervan.
We went to the briefing on Monday morning but with a forecast of 32kts SW the sail in company to Baltimore was called off so we decided after a very leisurely full Irish breakfast to try and get to Castletownshend and go exploring the shallows in the skiff.
We set out with a well reefed main and jib and got a few miles South before tacking West. When we tacked West we had a fairly big sea right on the beam and were making a fair amount of leeway and rather than spend hours tacking back and forth we decided to turn and run while we had the room. We had a hell of a run back in the harbour though and soon enough we were back in the pub.
We did at least manage to stay on board the second night.
Daily races are still going on for the week and it is great to see all the beautiful gaff rigs around the bay but Tuesday was the last day I could spare.
I only started to take any pictures as soon as I was back fishing.


  1. That top photo is deadly. Some serious symmetry going on with the stack mirroring the hooker!

  2. Thanks Tim. You obviously know more about it than I do. I just liked what I saw. The Glandore pics are class. I love the one of Teal with the Jean Paul and the ones with the Dangers in them especially.