Saturday 20 August 2016

Change of base

The blog is pretty much showing the extent of the sailing we have been doing this Summer.
I have been out once or twice with the kids but thats about it. June wasn't a very good month weather wise and July and early August have been busy with charters. We planned on heading for Ballydehob this weekend for the 'Gathering of the boats' but gales put pay to that and it was cancelled for this year.
This has finally led to me going ahead and getting a permanent Baltimore mooring for her to stay on.
Baltimore is a very busy place in peek season but this is a time when I am generally busy working anyway, and I'm finding that when I've been out chartering then I'm not really too inclined to go back to the same place to go sailing on my days off. To ad to that, once you pass Adam island it is open ocean and your options are a bit limited especially if sailing with the kids, were as Baltimore harbour can lead you in sheltered waters out in to Roaring water bay and numerous Islands, harbours and inlets or up river which means its great for exploring in not so perfect weather.
It also means that come the start and end of each season we simply have to go up or down the river to the yard and as East coast sailing is of no interest to us we are a step closer to the West when we finally get a chance to go further afield. She will no doubt spend a few weeks each Summer in Union Hall but at least it will be by choice rather than necessity.

The cat that got the cream

The one that didn't

I do love pictures of her anchored off

Fishing for the sake of it

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