Tuesday 28 May 2019

Update for this season

So its pretty much set now that Teal won't go afloat this year. I have yet to do anything about the engine so my main goal now is to sort out a tractor and tow her home.
Once that much is taken care of  I will have to make a new entrance into my shed to fit her in.
The plan from there is to do a serious freshen up which includes
- replacing the engine
- recovering the deck
- some interior changes and finishing off
and a whole lot of painting and varnishing. This should all be much more manageable when shes inside and I can walk out the door and do a bit whenever it suits.The most nerve racking part will be the 14 mile tow home. It pains me a bit to take her away from the sea but I really think this season will have slipped by before much gets done if she stays where she is.

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