Monday 9 January 2012

Looking for Oak

So can't say a lot has been done since the last post but there is a definite plan of
action at least, The yard is pretty busy with trawlers and such so Teal still sits
on the forklift, Once some space has been made we're going to make up a frame
to support her in a way that leaves the keel free to be removed and as we sit her
on to it we'll let the ballast come away. For the keel we need a length of Oak
15"x5"x15' . It will probably take a bit of searching to get hold of that and quite
a few phone calls as apparently people who sell timber don't respond to emails.
The only other job I've done was to measure up the rudder for its replacement
and scraped some paint off of it to see what timber it was made from. On doing
that I found a nice crack running right a long the lower rudder plintel , Could
have been nasty had it failed at sea.

From what I can make out her rudder, keel and deadwoods are Elm, I know her
original transome was wych elm so the rest are probably the same.
The new keel will be of Oak but the rudder will probably be of Iroko.

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