Monday, 23 January 2012

Whats going on

I've been contemplating writing a post for the past two weeks but I wanted
to have some progress made and some photos taken, Unfortunately the
camera charger has yet to reappear,
I've contacted a man who says he will have the keel timber for us but when
I rang yesterday he said maybe next week so We'll just have to wait and
see with that one, It will be worth the wait if he has it because his prices
sound very good indeed, less than half what I expected.
We went to the boat last Friday and took templates of most of the starboard
sawn frames, They should be close enough to use for picking the grown
crooks for both sides, We also took down all the timber for the stand we
need to build, Unfortunately we didn't have everything as Liam offered
to move the boat for us, Anyway Ken wasn't feeling good and that was
apparent from the gas leaking from his rear end, and the weather was crap
to boot,  Its probably a good days work to get it done.
I went to town to today to get the Iroko to make the new rudder as I can
get on with that at home but when I got a look at what they had in stock
I decided it wasn't good enough for what they where charging so there
going to order in a few lengths of good quality timber for me, Its only
two lengths 2.300x200x80 and 2.500x200x65 and that works out at 150
euros. I know the rudder isn't a priority at this stage but I can make it
at home and I would like to see some progress and at the
end of the day we need a rudder.
I also picked up 5 lengths of M12 treaded bar, 10 bolts and 50 nuts and
washers for making the stand so I think we're ready to go with that.
One other thing we got done was to cut out the steel compression post,
It had to be removed to get the bow knee out and the floor bolts under that,
We also uncovered the mast step so she did indeed have a keel stepped
mast originally as we had expected, We plan to return it to a keel stepped
mast but thats a long way off yet.
Hopefully my next post will show some real progress and have some
pictures as well.

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