Thursday 29 March 2012

Amazing March

Yep over 20 degrees, clear sunny days and long evenings since the time
changed last Sunday. Highest temperature in March since 1965 apparently.
So what does this mean for Teal ? yep she's drying out a lot.
John Hegarty advised me to give her a coat of parafin everyday I'm down
there so thats what I'll do.
I've made a start on the sawn frames and have two pairs nearly ready. I
cut them at home then took them to the boat and did the final shaping.
Now there in the shed waiting for paint.
Next job will be plugging fastening holes so that we can get them fixed
in place.
I could probably get more done but I've been out on the local lake with
the firefly enjoying the weather, while it lasts.
Hegarty's from the other side

A beautiful morning on the Ilen river,

Frame out but fastenings to be removed , for this I need my helper and his dolly

First pair nearly ready

The firefly at anchor on Curraghalicky lake. I had somewhat of a drift back to shore this evening.

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