Monday 12 March 2012

Fingers crossed

Although we have nothing to get on with at home and we won't
get back to paint scraping until Wednesday there are things happening.
As I've said already, the floors are being forged, the floor bolts and some
other bits and pieces are on there way. I've ordered some resorcinol glue
for plugging fastening holes in the planking and we should have our
timber for our sternpost, false keel, some of the frames and hopefully
the keel timber in the next week if things go to plan, so I spent most
of today repairing my long suffering trailer in order to collect it.
We also need to call to a local Co-op for some 16mm galvanised bar
for deadwood bolts.
With all that and getting Providence ready for launching next month
we have plenty to do.
Perhaps soon we'll see a bit of life coming back into this boat.

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