Monday 9 July 2012

Big day

Things went well today, we took the keel, deadwood, sternknee, sternpost and
floors to the boat. Liam lifted the ballast on the forklift for us and we started
drilling for keel bolts, three hours later we had four 32mm holes drilled.
We then managed to get the keel in under the boat with surprisingly little
effort and jacked up tight to the floors with small bit of tweeking here and
We slid the deadwood in through the stern for now but it still needs to
be bedded before its bolted down.
Next day I'm going to fit two of the floors and cut out some more frames.
I also handed in the long deadwood bolts to get them treaded.
Its great to see a keel under her again and it all fit and matched up well
with the ballast which makes it all the better.
A big step in the right direction.

Ken has all the pictures so they'll be up soon.

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