Saturday 21 July 2012

Longing to go sailing

Ken and myself got down to the boat on Tuesday and did a bit, We test fit the
new sternpost which looks the part, removed fastenings where I have cut out
more frames and plugged them and cleaned up the aft port plank ends ready
for repairs.
I went down again on Wednesday and cleaned off the plugs and painted up
the bare timber and the inside of the planks ready for the new frames.
I also collected the deadwood bolts all treaded and ready and the iroko for
the new transom which I have cut to length ready to dowel together.

I've been out at sea the last three days in a row and I must say a few days
in a wheelhouse have left me with a real hankering to go sailing and exploring
the coast without the drone of an engine. I guess I will have to settle for dinghy
sailing for now. Better finish the trailer off !

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