Tuesday 28 May 2013

Masts and scarf joints

I have been getting the scarfs ready for gluing on the other mast I have to make while
I try and find the funds for the glue. That one is now ready so I will cut the scarfs on
Teals mast next.
Teals mast is about 34ft to the keel and the other one is 30ft deck stepped, both are
solid and being made up of 5 pieces each and are 5 inch diameter.
Teals is ex 1x20ft 1x16ft with 1 scarf and the opposite side is ex 1x20ft 1x18ft, the 20ft
is split with half being scarfed on to either end of the 18ft, this gives me a minimum of 9ft ]=
between scarfs on either side of the masts.
The scarfs are 10:1 so over the width of the mast a scarf would measure 4ft if they were
aligned (they are not)
These are the largest scarf joints that I've made so I was dreading it a bit, They were in fact
quite easy. The skill saw just about cuts through from either side and then I cleaned them up
with the electric planer which got them very near perfect and then finished them off with the
smoothing plane and a straight edge ready for glue.
The glue I've been told to use is Aerodux which cures as low as 10 degrees, this is now
known as Prefere 40/50 so thats what I'm going for. Its not that expensive I'm just very broke.

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