Friday 3 May 2013

Preparing for caulking

Teal is getting regular soakings with parafin and boiled oil. We are waiting for her to take up
so we're getting all the other bits and pieces ready in the mean time.
We spent all of Wednesday riveting and have nearly finished the Port side. We'll get on
with the starboard side the next day Ken is free.
Today I took the fastenings out of the forward 4ft of two of the planks below the water line
on the starboard bow where the seams were two big to caulk, the worst on the whole boat.
I planed down the top edge of the lower one for re-edging and wedged them apart to close
the seams either side, then refastened them and glued on a 4ft pitch pine wedge to fill the gap.
Now the seams are nice and tight. Next I will have to do the same on the other side.
I forgot the camera so will catch up with pics the next day.

Kevin O Farrell was in to take some pics the other day while we were riveting. Have a look at
his facebook page. Loads of great pics from Hegartys yard.

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