Monday 16 June 2014

Night Sailing

The weather is beautiful here at the moment so we're going to get sailing every chance we get. I came in from a charter yesterday evening and set straight about preparing Teal to go back out. We sailed out around 7.30pm and made it a few miles south of the harbour before the wind died.
We drifted on the tide for most of the night, through the Stags sound and West almost to the Kedge Islands before picking up a breeze around 5am. We carried on West of Sherkin and flew through the Cascanane sound into roaring water bay with a Minke whale for very close company. After breakfast and few hours sleep anchored in Carthy Sound we made our way round Heir Island and back into Baltimore harbour. Hopefully this weather will last and we will get as much sailing as possible in.

This was our first night sail. The wind was suppose to be 4 to 8 knots veering from SE all the way round to NE but as it turned out there was none and when it did reappear it was Southerly. There was a full moon but pretty much complete cloud cover, so we had light enough to see the coast and the odd glimpse of a following porpoise.

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