Saturday 7 June 2014

Pics from Baltimore

Photos by Tim Cooke

When we bought Teal and I eventually unrolled the mainsail from the boom, it had 'For Sale' stuck on it with some kind of tape, I removed it straight away but unfortunately it has ruined the sail. We are planning on getting a new suite but these are still pretty good working sails so its a bit unfortunate.
Teal is riding out her first bit of bad weather on her mooring with the last few days as a force 7 South-easterly blows through. There was a lot of rain on Thursday night and seeming as or cockpit cover has never materialised I went to check on her today, The sole-boards were just beginning to float. I checked the float switch was up which it was but then had to switch the pump on manually. With the bilge empty I operated the float switch a few times and it started working again which is a bit strange so that wants looking at. Apart from the rain she is staying perfectly dry. I'm still getting a few little interior bits ready at home because the lockers are badly needed.

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