Wednesday 6 August 2014

A century later

I bought a copy of "Looking astern" soon after buying Teal as she has a chapter about her in it, I read it then but misplaced it until last week so now I'm reading it again.
Firstly of all there is a chapter about Teal being built and they're first sail in her, but I had forgotten that the next few chapters were all about different little trips they went on in her.
One of which was in 1920, Percy Woodcock, his wife Ellie and his 4 year old son Sam lived on board for a summer. He talks about how it was quite confined on board but how it was indifferent to Sam who would happily sit in the Cockpit and watch the world go by for hour after hour and to his delight of seeing porpoises swimming along side.
I strikes a cord a little, as just last week, 94 years later we were on our little trip and my 4 year old son sits happily in the cockpit for hours on end and was delighted by the Dolphins following us.

Sadly for Percy Woodcock, he later lost his son Sam to the second world war, and very soon after his wife Ellie also. The book was published not so long after in 1950.

Its nice to save a little of someones history.

Teal (Little Pal)  sailing in 1914
A 100yrs later

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