Friday 22 August 2014

Home base

Its a busy time at the moment between work and my wedding only a couple of weeks away, so I don't see a lot of sailing happening for a few weeks. Its bit of a pain having to go to Baltimore just to check on Teal and the mooring she was on is a long way out and can't be seen from anywhere so I took the chance today to bring her back to Union Hall.
I put up all the sails but after about 15 minutes the little breeze that I had vanished, I had also realised just after I had left the harbour that there was absolutely no way I would be back at the time I had said, so I had to motor for 4 hours. I could have sailed from about the halfway mark but it was a light flukey breeze and I needed to get back.
At least I can keep an eye on her now with the weather deteriorating. I also want to get a coat of varnish on things before the winter and play around with the ballast so that I can get the water line right, I think she is under propped as well so I'm going to see if I can get another prop or maybe have that one repitched over the winter.

The Cove in Baltimore

Charter boats heading out for the annual Baltimore fishing competition

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