Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Quite times

Well its anything but at the moment so I haven't had any chance to go sailing recently, I am glad Teal is in Union Hall because I have been able to row over and do little bits and pieces the odd evening. Mainly just pumping out any rain water and giving the engine a run. I made a point of scrubbing off what weed I could off the bottom the other day, She was getting quite green around the water line and seems to have lost a lot off her anti-foul on the bow, presumably from rubbing the mooring ropes when the wind is against the tide.
I'm trying to find about 200kg of compact ballast to put amidships and in the stern, That should bring the total to around 2 ton and I reckon she would be about right at that.

The pictures on my camera of the moment Teal touched water this year didn't come out good so I had Ken send me this one which did, Very nervous right then.

This is how high she floated, Not great for the launch pics but I wasn't going to leave her like that for long so a half ton of iron scavenged from around the yard got her down to where she is now. 200kg more should level her out a bit then I can adjust the water line over the winter. Really I need lead because I'm lacking room for Iron.  She had several old waterlines but this was the most recent one and one which looked right. 

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