Tuesday 7 October 2014

Packing up

We went down and cleared Teal out for the Winter today. Brought home the sails, mizzen mast and spars and put them all away. Opened the bolts on the bottle screws ready for the mast to be unstepped and cleared out the interior of all the various paraphernalia that accumulates on a boat.
She was dried out so I went over the bottom with a paint scraper, It was only really bad where the anti-foul had been scrubbed away and on the rudder for some reason. She will have the mast down and be on the hard tomorrow if she isn't already.
Nothing out of the ordinary happened beneath the waterline thankfully, she did squeeze the putty out a little as she took up but that was to be expected.
I'll winterise the engine and fill up the diesel tank etc when she is out.
Bit depressing taking it all apart again but it will be Spring again before we know and there will be loads to do, in a rush no doubt.

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  1. It is always a sad time of year when you take the boat out of the water,but it gives you time to get the jobs you did not get done while you were sailing her. Like me the sailing season is just too short.