Thursday 23 October 2014

Sail dilemma

So now that the Jib and Genoa have cleaned up so well I have kind of given up on the idea of the cream sails. It just doesn't make any sense to replace good sails that I can't afford anyway. I do on the other hand have enough to replace the mainsail this year.
So the dilemma is this, The current mainsail is not in bad shape, it just needs some patches to hold new eyes for the luff lacing and the rust marks cleaning off of it. On the other hand it is completely ruined by the big FOR SALE marks on it.
So I could go ahead and replace it and that will be about all I can afford this year or I can opt for a new mizzen, which is desperately in need of replacing plus a new staysail as the old one is very tired and get the main repaired and perhaps even a cover for the mainsail all for around the same price.
            The other thing to factor in is it will be difficult to get the money together again to replace the main and if we had it sorted we would have the bulk of the cost of replacing the set behind us.
Stupid problem I know.

Please excuse our saggy luffs, It was the first weekend out and we had the worlds worst piece of rope as a staysail halyard. You can see the issue with the main & the mizzen for that matter, The rust marks on the other have since cleaned up lovely.

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