Monday 17 November 2014

November fishing

Teal is all tucked up now for the Winter, I put a proper cover over her so hopefully she will stay reasonably clean and dry although she has already been subjected to blasting grit fall out which makes a big bloody mess. Downside to being near the trawler slip. The sails have gone off to the sailmakers, the rigging screws are in a big tub of diesel and the rigging wire is sitting in a bucket of linseed oil. I flushed the engine but I still need drain the block and the exhaust before any frosty weather. I will be selling a little Petter AC1W 6hp soon by the way if anyone is looking for one. The single cylinder version of Teals engine.
I am holding out as long as I can keeping my charter boat in the water in the hope of good weather, Yesterday was looking good and I had a group so I headed off before day break, It was a lumpy morning out but as the day went on it settle down nicely and ended up being a gorgeous evening. I had the sun setting behind me on the way back up river. It was fairly well dark by the time I finished up. 
There are Fin whales and humpbacks about but unfortunately they are staying further South than I have been fishing, although the gannets were putting on a great show diving for sprat all day.

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