Tuesday 17 March 2015

I've been getting bits and pieces sorted to start on the skiff. Mainly silly things so I can quantify what I need.
Firstly I printed off the plans and then went about changing everything from Imperial to metric.
I don't mind marking the offsets etc in imperial but as for calculating what timber I need my head can't work with 2x4's, 2x10's etc. There is a list of various lengths that I need so I've narrowed it down to 1no. 4.5mtr of 9x2, a sheet of 9mm ply and a sheet of 6mm, They list a half sheet of 12mm to make the transom, rudder and leeboard but as all I want for now is the transom I'm going to try and find a piece somewhere that will do,
I can get pretty good 9mm marine ply locally but irritatingly I am short s small bit of 6mm too and they don't stock it locally anymore so I need to decide what to do about that.
All the other timber is clear pine or red cedar but I'm just going to use readily available red deal and I have a broken pitch pine church pew that I can use instead of the cedar so once I go get my 9x2 and sheet of ply I can get started.

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