Thursday 12 March 2015

Tender issues

So I've written before about the problem with the Apple Pie dinghy being to small to carry Jess, myself and the kids, and the kids being too young to leave at either side on their own which left us having to use the dreaded decrepid inflatable ( it really is quite bad ) and tows like a ton of bricks.
For the charter boat I use a heavy, hard to row dory type punt which I can just about drag up the beach on my own with great effort and although it is good and stable, at low tide it is a pain in the arse to put away in the evening.
I bought an outboard last year and plan to buy a decent little boat which can be kept afloat to replace the dory. This could also be used for family trips on Teal but I its not ideal as I'd have to trailer it when Teal is kept away from Union Hall and regardless it still doesn't exist.
So yesterday anyone who follows woodenboat magazine on facebook might have seen their piece on the Salt Bay Skiffs. It caught my eye and I now have a set of plans for the some total of about $3.90.
I also have some of the materials left over from other things and the rest are easily got hold of.
Its a chine log 12ft skiff. It has two rowing positions same as the Apple pie and can also be sailed with the aid of leeboards so no need to build a centerboard case, It looks quick and cheap to build and the result is a 80-90lb boat that can carry two adults and two kids easily. I think it looks good too and eventually I could make the rig and use it for a little shallow water exploring.
I plan to squeeze in the build between other things so there should be something happening here shortly.

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