Sunday 28 June 2015

Few minor problems

I went to check on Teal this morning.
As I was there I had a look in the bilge and went to give the pump a run but it turned out the battery was completely flat. The float switch was up but only just and it has rained a lot since I was last there so she has obviously been pumping alright. This year I fitted a new Rule float switch to replace the Whale one I bought last year which worked for all of about two weeks, so this is the first time it has been working automatically. A few times last year when I have run the pump it hasn't actually pumped, as if it can't prime. I have one way valves fitted in the pipes to stop back filling when heeled and I'm guessing that they stick sometimes and prevent the pump from priming itself. So I'm guessing this happened and ran the pump until the battery died. Need to figure out a solution.

I brought home the Apple Pie dinghy for a little TLC as well. A piece of the gunnel needs gluing and I want to put something across the bow to help deflect spray when rowing into a chop. As it is the flat bow hits a wave then it blows back and soaks me or runs down along the seat and gives ya a wet arse.
One problem I find with the Apple pie that could be avoided for anyone else building one is the back seat. I'm only about 5'7" and when rowing it on my own I have to sit right back on the long seat to trim her so that the flat bow is clear of the water and I simply have nowhere to put my legs. A few inches would have made a big difference. A little weight on the back seat lets me sit forward a little and as it is quite tender I like to have my knees by the gunnels and feet against the back seat to stabilise it like a kayak.

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