Tuesday 9 June 2015

Out on the lake

I've been waiting for a chance to take the kids out in the skiff. They have been exited about it even before it was finished and I had intended taking them out for a spin before leaving Baltimore after the festival but as they were to put it mildly "uncooperative" on the day so it didn't happen. 
So as the wind died off this evening we headed down to the lake for a couple of hours. Its another one of the things I had wanted a family size rowing boat to do.
It works a charm, One thing I hadn't thought about that is really good is that one of us can sit at either end and have the kids in the middle where its easy to keep an eye on them. Its a little slower to turn when rowing from the front and who ever is in the middle has there back a little close to get a full stroke on the oars but still rows easily. I'd imagine it could carry considerably more weight if it was required as well.


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