Monday 3 October 2016

This is a rather uninteresting picture to most but this is the Belly rock which is in the middle of the sound between Rabbit Island and High Island South of Glandore and has no marker or cardinal, I know exactly where it is but I have never set eyes on it before as it is always submerged. It has removed props, P-brackets, rudders, Keels and even ripped a gearbox off an engine (on a 57ft Sunseeker at that ). It only breaks in a Southerly or South-easterly and as Spring low tides in this area always fall in the afternoon we are usually further out to sea, so when this particular group wanted to go in Mackerel fishing I caught a glimpse. Make sure you know where it is if you are ever sailing here. Dad has seen a yacht go straight over it on a surge in the past, little do they know how lucky they were.

This on the other hand is Derrynane beach, Co Kerry, I wanted to go to Derrynane as a place to sail from when we finally get the chance to head for the Skelligs, It has to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

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