Sunday 29 January 2017

Apologies for the lack of anything recently. A mix of my laptop acting up and an all time low with my interest in posting anything at all on the internet of late has made things very quiet. Anyway as it's winter there is little happening so I enjoy the break from the need to post on Facebook etc for business purposes and also December and January tend to be my break from boats. I have ventured back to the yard in the last week or two to make a start on the charter boat but as per usual I will get that out of the way before getting Teal dolled up for the summer.

My wife came home from an auction with a box of sailing books a while back and amongst them was a hardback copy of one of Percy Woodcocks books.
I already had the book but this one was a hardback and had its dustcover with a picture of the man himself. So here he is Teals first owner, the man who had her built


  1. I've really enjoyed reading the blog right from the start over the last few days. Andy Rankin is my brother so I'm fairly familiar with Teal and some of her previous adventures, but it's been fantastic reading and seeing all the work that you guys did to her. It's brilliant that you were willing to take her on and put in all that time, energy and money, and the end result is amazing. She really is a gorgeous boat, so it's great seeing her so well restored and looked after.
    I hope she gives you many more happy years of sailing in her.

    1. Hi Mike, Sorry for taking so long to reply, Had to coax my laptop back into life. We love to hear from anyone from Teals past. We have as yet unfortunately not got to take Teal on any major adventure like Andy did but the little ones are very enjoyable and my kids love to get out, She gets plenty of appreciation locally too which is nice. I have spoken via email to Andy in the past and extend my invite to you also should you ever find yourself in West Cork to come out sailing on her. Thanks for getting in touch. Kind regards