Saturday 29 April 2017

Paint & varnish

Finally we have made a start getting Teal ready for the season. I took on a lot of work to my charter boat this year which moved other commitments out in to April but now that things are under control it is Teals turn.
She had sat under the crane hook all Winter and has still some how failed to have her mast taken down. I had it ready to take out in November so we could get her covered up properly but we had a very dry mild Winter for the most part and it never happened.
It is likely now that we won't take the mast down at all this year but I need to go up and give it a good look over for any failing varnish.
Main thing she needed was a dam good wash inside and out, everything got filthy last season for some reason. On the plus side the hull paint looked bad but is actually in very good order once we polished it up so no hull paint this year which is a great bonus.
Varnish on the other hand is another story. The long term tests are showing results now and these are probably worth taking note of.

Epifanes original 1000ml 45euro. On the masts and spars. 7 coats 3 years ago. 1 coat on mast 2 years ago, Spars got a coat each year. All are in very good order with no sign of any UV damage or water ingress.

International woodskin 750ml 25euro .On the toerails and rubbing strakes. Looks crap after a year and has to be redone but very forgiving and easy to scrape off. Looks smart when patched up. Have had it rained on while wet and held up fine.

International original 750ml 22euro. On the cabin sides and cockpit coamings. Varnished a year before leaving the tent so has been on for 4 years. Untouched and still looks great.

International Schooner Gold 750ml 36euro. Everyone loves this stuff but I don't know why. I used it on the cockpit, hatches and deckbridge because I thought it would be tough. It has had more coats than any other surface getting 1 to 2 every year, It always needs thinning to make it more workable and is nearly twice the price of original. Numerous patches have been UV damaged and have water ingress. Forehatch had to be completely stripped back last year and re done in epifianes and the main hatch needs the same treatment this year. I always follow the've instructions and required prep and coats when it comes to varnish but this one has failed as far as I'm concerned. I am going to redo it all in Original.

The canvas deck. We have have some deterioration on the canvas deck this year with a few tears appearing where the canvas was stretched more when fitting. I read a long time ago that 10 years was about it for a canvas deck so I guess with a repair this year and a few more in coming seasons that that may prove correct. I may switch this year from the Hemple Multicoat which I had been using on it to something a bit more "gunky" for lack of a better word.

While I'm at it I may as well go over the other paints. I would never use anything short of International toplac or a 2k finish on fiberglass but on Teal I've been asked several times what I used as it has a really nice gloss, simply Dulux High Gloss for interior and exterior wood and metal. Magnolia at that. Great stuff.

Anti-foul. Sick of International anti-foul so have started using Hemple on my charter boat and Jotun on Teal and far more impressed.

Bilges washed, engine cover has come home for paint & varnish

Hatch with schooner gold

Deck before washing, 

Hull after a quick cleaning

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