Monday 20 August 2012

Heres the plan !

It seems we are at a point now were we finally know what needs to be repaired
and what can be left alone and basically we are keeping anything that is still up
to its job.
The interior was a random mix of recent additions, a far cry from her original
teak, pitch pine and kuari pine interior which has long since disappeared.
We plan to use the original layout but probably in Iroko and red deal, oil lamps
and a parafin stove rather than modern equivalents and a pale rather than a sea
The cockpit I believe would have been a standing cockpit with fold up seats as
in Piskie and this is what we would like to have in her as long as the engine
position allows.
Teal was built with an engine, a 7hp petrol/parafin kelvin with the shaft run
through the stern post.
We plan to refit an engine, perferably a very compact diesel such
as a Petter mini 6 or similar but with a folding prop to one side of the stern post.
We plan to do this as Teals stern knee and post where never really heavy
enough to take the sterntube which essentially cut the knee in half.
Teal was all but dead when we bought her and would without doubt have met
a sad end in the near future. All her bronze nails are spent, they are brittle and
loose in her frames. I believe her copper fastenings have held her together.
All her lower futtocks were either brittle or rotten. Her steamed timbers aft are
doubled and even tripled and will soon be removed.
The keel was badly split under the bowknee and the aft two feet were rotten and
broken. The lower half of the sternpost was all but gone as were the deadwood
The false keel was held on by two plates bolted on either side. I'm not sure what
happened to the original stem as the laminated one had been done when we
bought her.
The deck will be replaced with a new pine one covered in canvas which is
what she had originally. The coachroof will be kept but will be fitted with a
skylight which she also had originally, which will also give me head room,
Ken will have head room inside as we are going to lower the cabin floors slightly.
The rectangle deadlights will be changed to a round ones and the front hatch
will be changed to an Iroko one with a deck light.
The mainmast has rot beneath the hounds and will most lightly be replaced as it will
also be keel stepped and is about five feet short. The rest of the spars look ok. The
standing rigging will be renewed, the running rigging might be ok but we want to
change all the pulleys to blocks. The sails have enough life left in them but some
day I would love to get her a new suite of tan sails but thats far from a priority.
The planking looks pretty good but there will be a number of planks changed. How
many is yet to be discovered but the short larch planks that were put in in the 50's
on her starboard quarter need changing and extending forward and some other
planks that have to much damage will have to go.
The rudder was being held together with two pieces of plywood but has now
cracked in half so will be replaced with an Iroko one without the cut away for
the propeller.
The floor bolts through the keel were completely rotten and 5 of the floors had
thinned and weakened, these have all been replaced.
Its sounds like shes all but gone, but what must be done must be done and we are
replicating her bit for bit, she will look more original when we're finished than
she has for a very long time and probably still have 50 percent of her original
timber. Not bad for a boat her age.
I'm sure she was the pride and joy of many of her owners but also neglected by
many others, Its also very impressive that she succeeded in her Baltic voyage
and really made a name for herself and although we were unsure of what needed
doing at the start I'm glad we get to give her a new lease of life. Perhaps a few
more voyages worth writing about.

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