Friday 17 August 2012

Working on the stem and apron

We headed to the boat yard yesterday with our new lumps of oak and a sheet
off hardboard and set about making a template of the stem, with a bit of advice
from Liam on where best to place scarf joints and how to improve on the
original design we ended up with a good template and set about cutting the oak.
This meant several trips with the wheel barrow to the saw at the other end of the
yard in the pissing rain but we got them cut none the less.
I went back down today and started cleaning up the cuts and cutting the scarf
joints and other necessary cuts.
I still haven't cut the upper half of the apron but I need to go through the off
cuts from the other pieces to see if theres something to suit.
Its a shame I don't have more pics of the process of marking and cutting it out
but we were very busy and the weather was pretty crap so it wasn't a priority.
There's still a load to do to get the meeting surfaces really good and all the
bevels need to be cut but I'm taking a break for the weekend now.

Complete stem and lower half of apron. Each piece is about 4 to 5 ft long and 5x6 inch section so they are incredibly heavy

Scarf joint in the stem

Working on the stem of a Falmouth quay punt beneath the stem of a Falmouth quay punt, This is Liam's boat "Piskie" a 22ft quay punt one year older than Teal, built by R S Burt in 1912 and originally named "Venture" Soon to be getting similar treatment.

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