Friday, 31 August 2012

Transom fitted

I went down to the boat yesterday and cut the upper half of the apron on the big bandsaw, then I sanded
down the epoxy on the aft starboard plank ends, then with a grinder and flap sanding disc I sanded down all
the inner faces of the plank ends fore and aft and gave them a coat of primer in preparation for today.
I test fitted the transom and then mixed up some putty for bedding it to the sternpost. Once fitted I fitted the transom frames, also bedded in putty and attached to the transom with stainless screws (these will not be wet, all the outside fastenings will be silicon bronze)
I then fastened all the aft plank ends to the transom frames and right down the stern post, trimmed off any
overhanging planks, sanded it all down and gave it a coat of primer and called it a day.
Quite a bit of work but thankfully made quicker by the loan of a flat screwdriver tip for my cordless drill.
I also have all the stem, apron, bow knee and mast step mocked up in the shed waiting for final shaping
and to measure for the bolts needed to hold it all together.
Sorry for the lack of photos, need to charge the camera and catch up.

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