Monday, 1 October 2012

Ballast on

We got the ballast fitted this morning. We tried torching on felt to the plaster
we had faired the ballast off with but it keep flaking off so we just chipped it
off and torched the felt straight on to the iron. A bit of shuffling about with the
forklift and we had it in place.
We had the keel bolts put through the ballast before we lifted it to place so
we then just had push them through the keel with a car jack, put on the metal
plates, washers and torque up the nuts.
There is a small gap between the aft end of the ballast and the keel as we still
don't have the fore and aft bolts made, so we decided not to bother setting her
up to her water line until they are made and fitted as it will involve lifting the
boat over head on the forklift to fit them. The problem is that the ballast
casting is not perfectly flat and the bottom of the keel is, so the only solution is
to bolt it all up tight. In the mean time weight of the boat is now sitting on the
ballast so that will hopefully help it settle in place.

Sorry for the poor quality pics, I forgot my camera.

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