Wednesday 24 October 2012


So with the pitter patter of another pair of tiny feet looming ever closer
I finally had to step away from Teal and knuckle down and finish of the
house. The good news is that I'm nearly free to get back to it and put
in another few weeks of work before the big arrival.
Hopefully when the time comes I will at least be able to escape to the shed
and do a few things like making the new rudder and restoring the sky light
as to not let it grind to a halt.
I took advantage of a break in the weather yesterday to move Providence
back to Oldcourt for the Winter where she remains for sale.
At least the two are now in the same place again and fishing as a hobby is
put to bed until next season so any spare time can be put to good use on
Also I called about the keelbolts today and they are ready to be collected
so we should get them fitted quickly before the yard becomes even more
So much for R&R ay!

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