Saturday 6 October 2012

More paint scraping

Ok so Ken headed away for the weekend and as he had said to me,
I couldn't wait for him to get back to strip the rest of the paint off so
I just did it myself. It seems that the planking really isn't too bad after alL.
We'll have to run some of the short planks further forward and a few of the
stealers need changing but there doesn't appear to be any full length to change.
Bit of a relief after all we've changed so far.
I also dropped in a 316 stainless driveshaft to be turned down into the 2 remaining
keelbolts so thats another job in progress.

Short larch planks, The larch blackens with the heat far quicker than the pitch pine which just boils with resin. We need to stagger these joints out a lot more.

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