Saturday 6 April 2013

Closing her up

Good bit of progress made this week. We went steaming in ribs on Wednesday which was
semi successful, we used the boiling water method which definitely made them more flexible
but never the less we cracked 3 and fitted 4, we also completed riveting 4 ribs.
We are now short 4 ribs in total so we will try and get hold of some american white oak
which is apparently pretty flexible despite the fact that its seasoned. Plus side is it can be got
We have all the ribs bar one, in on the port side so I was able to go ahead and fit the plank
I had left out for clamping. That worked out really nicely and I finished this evening by faring
it off.
The big accomplishment today was refitting one of the Garboards. They were the first part we
removed when she arrived in Oldcourt and its great to finally see one back in.
I fitted the stopwater outside the rebate on the stem, this was the method used on Hegarty's
boats and I've seen it on the Galway hooker St Roc which is near Teal so I went with that.
I will now have to caulk the stem, keel joint from the stopwater to the rebate, I made it out of
a piece of larch.
I bedded the garboard in with a mix of putty and paint and it went in relatively easy, I just
had to fasten along it and hammer it in as I went.
Finally I gave the whole thing another coating of oil and parafin so its looking good.

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