Wednesday 24 April 2013

Raking out

Today I fitted the section of sheer strake that needed changing so that finishes the planking
for once and for all.
I glued on two short pieces to two of the plank edges where the gap between them was
unacceptable. If I had realised there was such a gap earlier on  I could have rectified it
as we fastened the hood ends, however a new edge will do just as well.
I then made a start at raking out the seams as I am planning on starting caulking next week.
It was as expected, a Bast**d. The old putty is like concrete so we have our work cut out
for us. I need to in-list some help for that. Ken will be free on Saturday so we will have to
rivet up the rest of the steamed ribs before I can get on with everything else.
She is getting regular soakings with parafin and boiled oil and is definitely beginning to take

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