Saturday 27 April 2013

All raked out.

We went down today to go riveting but forgot the roves and the snips so we went raking
out while we waited for them to be dropped off. We had roves by lunch time but the raking
out was going really well so we stuck at it and much to my surprise got 95 percent of it
finished. Although no riveting got done in the end. I need to make a thinner hook for the
next day to pull some remaining cotton from the very back of the seams. These hooks
did a really good job of breaking up the hard putty, but we found a few areas where the
putty was still softer and much more difficult to remove.

The straight one was made from the remains of a silicone gun and the  other with a length of 10mm mild steel bar, the handle made it very good for breaking up the putty fast .

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