Wednesday 19 February 2014


Ok so the interior is up in a heap at the moment but only because I have brought all the bunk tops and the engine covers home. I wanted to get a square off the edges on the table saw because its much cleaner than can be done with a hand saw, and I also painted the engine covers and gave all the bunk tops a coat of diamond coat to seal them. They will obviously be covered with cushions most of the time but at least they are sealed. I've left them out for now so that I could prime and paint all the frame work. 
I took down one of the side panel doors to test fit it and got the sink bowl fitting where I want it, It will be seated in a teak worktop when its done. 
I'm really pleased with the doors, they will work perfectly as worktops and as a tables.
The next time I put up an interior picture it will be 95% finished.
I did a little work on the stemhead as as well, where to deck meets the stem. I will put up some pics when I finish it. Need to do a few days of painting now. 

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