Thursday 6 February 2014

Water in the bilge

I haven't had anytime to do anything on Teal this week, I have a bunch of things on the way, More about that when they get here. I'm going to collect the parts from galvanising tomorrow evening. I didn't find the guy who makes the cockpit cover yet.
I called to the yard this evening to check on the boats after last weeks storms. There is about 4 inches of water in Teals bilge, Although it means the tent is leaking badly and I don't want the bilge full of fresh water I can't help but be pleased that none of it is leaking out, Not a drop.
I have left the cockpit hatch out because the boat is still sitting slightly nose down and I have yet to fit cockpit drains. I would much prefer that water sitting in the bilge than the cockpit.
Apparently the river was so swollen the other day that it was out as far as the door of the tent.


  1. Throw some salt in the bilge....fresh water is the killer. You'll do fine.

  2. She'll leak when you splash her....keep the pumps ready. Could take days to take up. Lots of pressure trying to get in at four feet down...versus three inches in the bilge trying to get out. I had a catboat we just finished restoring....took two weeks before the bilge pump could keep up and another week after that before it finally stopped leaking enough for me to take my eyes off her. Every boat is different. If she don't leak at all.... then you got more means you packed her too tight and she might toss a plank. Wooden boats...gotta love'em :)

  3. Thanks, I will get her bailed out and cover her better for now. The whole taking up process will be interesting, And scary I imagine, Last year the weather was bad and a lot of boats went in late. I had a look at them to see the rate they leaked at. Pumps seemed to be coming on pretty dam very often. Suppose its a good sign they switched off at all.