Saturday 3 November 2012

Drilling for keelbolts

So as planned Liam lifted Teal for us this morning so we could drill for the
fore and aft most keel bolts. This was done in typical Hegarty's (terrifying)
fashion, but as ever it worked well.
Typically as soon as the boat came off the ground we had squalls of wind
and hail which made things that much more of an effort. In the end we had
the bolts in in around 30 minutes and then set the boat up close to her
A quick cup of coffee and we went about making up the outrigger style legs
which will support the hull during planking and be a base on which to build
the tent over her for the Winter.
The tent is next on the to do list.
Nick got some pictures of the work in progress this morning which should be
better quality than mine so I will post some up whenever I get them off him.

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