Monday 12 November 2012

Rushing and waiting

Well with our new arrival expected any day now and a sale agreed on Providence
I was rushing about trying to get her ready for relaunching and all my bits and
pieces cleared out and brought home in case I'd have to rush off.
Well as it turns out I had plenty of time and now we are just waiting.
I did go to the boat yard today and made a start on the tent to cover Teal but the
weather is horrible so I didn't stay too long.
I picked up all the timber for the tent at the sawmill last Wednesday. I just got green
(unseasoned) white deal as it was half the price of seasoned timber and it was irrelevant
whether it was seasoned or not.
I still need to put up the rafters and batten it all ready for covering with something.
The cover is the next problem.

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