Tuesday 6 November 2012

Planking out

I went down today and striped off all the planking that has to be changed. There
was a butt joint behind one of the shores that were holding her up that I didn't
know about so I will probably have to change that one as well as it is very short
and I want to stagger out the joints. The planks look to be fairly straight so
hopefully I won't have to buy really wide stock to get them out of.
I've just been drilling the heads off the rivets and punching them in to free up
the planks, most of the bronze nails have already been cut off when the frames
were replaced and any that remain just pull out without any hassle.
One thing to note is that it helps to have the right size drill bit for drilling the rivet
heads off, too small and its hard to get it dead center, too big and they run off and
damage the surrounding plank, not important when we're changing the plank but if
I was just replacing the rivet it wouldn't be ideal.

Providence has just been lifted out as well so I need to get it washed down and cleaned out for the Winter

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