Thursday 1 November 2012

Making holes

I spent the last few days at the boat but have just been picking at it
really and trying to get my head around the next big step which is the
I marked the planks that need changing and raked out the seams
and removed one of the stealers yesterday.
Today I cleared all the fastenings on those planks and started drilling out
rivets, I took out another stealer and a short section of planking but the
wind and rain got the better of me and I gave up for the day.
I've made a rough list of the planking thats needed and it appears to be
11 lengths. Only two of which are the full length, the planks above the garboards.
The rest are stealers and shorter pieces between 2 and 3 meters long.
The planking is 25mm, "1 inch" thick.
We're planning on lifting the boat on Saturday and fitting the last keelbolts.
I found a bit big enough to do the trick in the Ilen shed, so that will save us
having buying one.

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