Wednesday 17 July 2013

Day 5

Bit of a slow start today but I still got most of my planned jobs done apart from cutting the new
cockpit coamings but I decided they would be easier to prep at home anyway

Primed the rest of the hull
Routed out the porthole and the rebate for the glass
Sanded and primed the deck
Sanded the coachroof sides and gave it a coat of stain
Cleared out the tent a bit

The coachroof came out quite dark but hopefully when it gets a few coats of clear and everything
else is painted nice and bright it will look lighter, The repair piece still looks a bit light so I will just stain
that the next day. Liam reckons the coachroof is burmese teak, its definitely darker than the iroko
although the grain looks the same.

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